Tackling Obesity Effortlessly!

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More than 2/3of adults are considered to be overweight and obese. Obesity victimised people are present today due to many reasons but there are two fundamental root causes; diet and an inactive lifestyle.

Our diet choices shape us in many different ways and we fall victim to our urges and cravings without realising how they will materialise and affect our bodies and our minds. Beware and do not let food control your life!

Secondly, the most common hindrance in your weight loss journey is a change of lifestyle – working out and eating clean. Don’t let the gym routine and the chicken & rice diet deter you from reaching your goals!

There are a hundreds of workout routines and a plenty of dieting regimens that will help you fight obesity for good effortlessly.

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1. Set Goals

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The first thing you need to be doing before trying to achieve anything in life is setting realistic and achievable goals.

If you set goals that are out of reach given your current state, it is only going to demotivate you. Hence, set goals intelligently and measure your progress.

Setting an intelligent goal would be to lose 1-2 lbs of fat, and not just body weight, per week. This will help you sustain your drive and motivation when you achieve this goal. If you manage to lose more than 1-2 lbs, it is only going to fuel you further!

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2. Analyse Yourself

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The next step would be to analyse yourself – measure your waist, height, body mass index (BMI) and weight. Calculate how many calories does your body truly need to maintain it’s weight and then consume less than that to lose weight.

Secondly, as mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t be focusing on losing just weight! You should focus on losing fat. Calculate the fat percentage at the beginning of your weight loss journey and then compare it every month or week to assess your progress.

Now that you know what amount of calories you should be consuming, you should search online for a diet plan or consult a nutritionist to help you.

3. Formulate a Plan

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Everybody knows their body best! Choose a tough work out plan that is designed to target fat loss and build muscle. As you put on more muscle, your body burns more calories even while you rest aiding you in achieving your fat loss goals.

Hence, build muscle by weight training or any other kind of resistance training, and incorporate cardiovascular exercises after that.

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4. Workout

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The reason I suggest cardio after weight training is because when you eat food, it gets stored as energy in your glycogen stores. When you exercise your body depletes your glycogen stores, meaning it burns off the food you’ve eaten pre-workout.

Hence, when you perform cardio after you’ve depleted your energy stores, your body would take energy from your fat reserves and burn that. This way you’re literally burning off fat while you run/jog/walk/sprint/cycle.

5. A Healthy Diet

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However, your diet should complement your workout. The food you eat should have a higher percentage of proteins to build muscle, and relatively lower levels of carbohydrates. Carbs should be taken pre-workout to fuel you during your hectic workouts and then protein should be taken instantly as a post-workout meal.

Professional and even amateur bodybuilders often use supplements like protein-shake to provide the body with instant protein after a workout without eating and saving up on calories.

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6. Add Supplements

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It is often argued now that workout and diet should also be complemented with nutritional supplements. The foods we eat lack vital ingredients that signal the body to burn fat.

Secondly, the absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat decrease as we age, and hence the supplements have enzymes that help absorb those vital nutrients.

Furthermore, regular exercises increases nutrient needs and many fail to meet the need with just diet. Incorporate supplements into your routine to reap the maximum benefits from your workout and dieting.

Which Diet Supplementation is Effective?

phenq weight loss supplements

You must’ve seen people quickly transforming their bodies within months and weeks. What is their secret? They workout, diet and add supplement efficiently, intelligently.

If you wish to ignore this key player in achieving fat loss, you will lose fat but not as efficiently and quickly. The supplement firms spend years on research to come up with the proper doses and ingredients that would aid their customers with fat loss.

PhenQ is one such fat loss supplement that gives you the power of multiple weight loss supplements in just one pill. The reason why I recommend these pills  to my friends and family is because of their ingredients, and how they use them.

More isn’t always better!

Studies have shown that certain ingredients at certain doses reap the maximum benefits. The ingredients in PhenQ are:

  1. Capsimax Powder: A genius blend of capsicum, piperine and caffeine make it a highly efficient thermogenic. You will experience a high body temperature and feel the fat furnace switching on in your body after using this supplement.
  1. Calcium Carbonate: Besides keeping your bones strong it signals your body to not store fat. Our bodies try to remain at their current state so if you’re trying to lose weight, the food you eat may get stored as fat. This ingredient will make sure that doesn’t happen!
  1. Chromium Picolinate: If you can’t help eating pizza and candy, and you’re worried that dieting would only make you binge on them more. Don’t worry this ingredient keeps your cravings in check!

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Why Choose these Supplements?

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There are a lot of other ingredients such as caffeine and L-carnitinefurmarate that makes this very fat loss supplement come out on top.  They’re all naturally found in foods which you may not like.

This product is not only backed by thousands of customers that advocate its efficiency, but also by science.  This product will deal with all your problems that arise during weight loss such as fatigue, cravings, and let’s you stay positive and happy.

Remember to workout, diet, and take proper supplementation such as PhenQ to say goodbye to obesity for once and for all!

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