6 ways to increase your testosterone levels

The human body is a very interesting and a very complicated workforce. All the parts of the body perform their task coherently to achieve the result of a very healthy life.

increase testosterone levels

The human body is divided into many sub-parts, parts which play an important role in the continuity of different functions. Being a very complicated workforce it is important to note that a lot of care needs to be taken to ensure the safety and health of the body.

The changing times have meant that the humans have explored the horizons and have developed a lot of new researches regarding the body.

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These researches have given way to a rather peculiar and interesting presence in the body of a substance called Testosterone. Testosterone is basically a hormone which is believed to carry out a lot of healthy activities. Being the holy grail of all hormones, it is widely believed that increasing testosterone levels can bring very unimaginable results.

Testosterone has powers which can be called by many as very unrealistic and mystical. The powers range from burning fat to increasing not only the muscles present in the body but also ensuring that the dream of a healthy life takes proper reality. This is done by an improved mood, sleep and libido; furthermore countless health benefits are also witnessed.

Being a very unique and a very beneficial hormone, the levels of testosterone do decrease in the body once both males and females reach a set age. Most men experience a decrease in the testosterone level when they reach the age of 30. This sudden decrease in the testosterone level may cause a lot of uncalled health threats. Some of these threats can be increased obesity, heart problems, low mineral density, reduced body mass and diabetes.

Similarly females also experience a similar drop in the testosterone level present in their body. Women also increase a fall in the testosterone level soon after they hit the peak in their twenties. The drop in testosterone level is though not very large and is only one tenth of the drop witnessed in male testosterones.

Due to its countless health benefits and advantages, testosterone is a very important part of the body to create a proper balance. Increasing the testosterone can be a very simple process if followed closely. The process does not require a lot of hard work and is just an amalgamation of different techniques and steps.

There are many different, very natural methods which can increase the testosterone levels present in your body to ensure the revival of a healthy lifestyle.

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1. Eat Fat to increase testosterone:

testosterone in foods

Eating fat is considered by many as a very unhealthy and a very careless attitude to life. Popular belief is that eating fat can result in increased cholesterol level and may cause many heart related problems. In contrast, dietary fat is thought of as a very critical ingredient when the topic of increasing testosterone level is brought to the picture.

There have been various studies which have shown the result that saturated fats can indeed increase the testosterone level of the body. In one of the study, men were told to shift from a high fat diet to a diet with low quantities of saturated fat.

The change resulted in a huge decrease in the testosterone level present in the body of the men tested upon. Being a very tedious and steady process, it is advised that a person be fully aware of the different types of fats.

Monounsaturated fats and saturated fats are required for building up the fat present in the body. These fat types include almonds, olive oil and avocados under monounsaturated fat and red meat, egg yolk and coconut oil under saturated fat.

Thus a proper diet consisting of the above mentioned products should be maintained to facilitate an increase in testosterone levels.

2. Consume different ingredients that boost your testosterone levels:

zinc and vitamin d in testosterone levels

The level of testosterone within the body is a proper indicator of the health of a person. During the process of aging, the level of testosterone within the body suffers a rapid decrease. The problem can be tackled by consuming any of the variety of natural ingredients present in the market.

Few of the ingredients which are assured to be natural are:

  1. Testofen: Testofen is an extract of fenugreek which is believed to stimulate the growth of testosterone in the body. Though the effectiveness is still not stamped, but many researchers have shown some interesting findings, pertaining to the use of testofen.
  2. Zinc: Zinc is a very important and essential mineral which is believed have a very important role in the growth of testosterone. On the contrary, zinc deficiency is commonly found to be associated with lower level of testosterone as well. It has been found through valid studies that six months of zinc consumption can bring the body to the desired level of testosterone.
  3. Vitamin D: Vitamin D, after a lot of arguments and researches is found to be the most significant vitamin when it comes to building up testosterone in the body. Various researchers have witnessed the result of vitamin D in different men. All of these researchers have found a great increase in the testosterone levels of the body.

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3. Prepare a thorough training program:

exercise workout program

The diet of an individual is a very important aspect of increasing the testosterone levels present within the body. Besides the diet, it is very important to have a proper and a complete workout schedule. The workout schedule should follow a specific pattern to set a proper and complete workout schedule.

A high intensity workout routine is believed to massively increase the levels of testosterone in the body. A few of the workout exercises which give a positive reaction are squats, dead lifting and bench press.

The aforementioned exercises are advised because they influence multi joint movement which is a must when working out to increase the testosterone, present within the body. Furthermore it should be noted that the workout routine should be kept as short as possible to increase the effectiveness.

Workouts lasting for anything more than one hour can decrease testosterone levels instead of increasing them. To maximize the benefit of the workout it is advised that you keep the rest period in between as short as 1 minute and do not extend the workout to more than an hour.

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4. Do not ignore your sleep:

ignore your sleep

The inability to get proper sleep can act as a major deterrent towards a healthy lifestyle. It is important for you to get the proper dose of sleep regularly to keep your body charged and active throughout the day. Alongside all other body activities, lack of sleep is thought to diminish the amount of testosterone present in your body.

Researchers from the renowned University of Chicago have found that the lack of sleep is one of the reasons behind the low amount of testosterone within men. The lack of sleep also acts as a deterrent for building up the hormone. Thus it is important to get a good dose of sleep, preferably seven to nine hours per day.

This is advised because researchers have also found out that sleeping increase the number of testosterone present in your body. This acts as a simple yet effective way to achieve the desired testosterone level and should be properly availed.

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5. Eat foods which are closest to their original form:

increase testosterone level with fish

Consuming natural or whole food is a very big step towards the healthy functioning of the body. All processed and packaged food regardless of how natural they are, do add a bit of natural flavors. These natural flavors can unintentionally at times affect the testosterone levels of the body.

The testosterone levels will suffer a big decrease which can hamper the progress towards a fit body. Whole foods mean edible food items which are consumed in their completely natural state.

The natural state adds a perfect touch to the food and makes it very healthy and suitable for your body. Processed foods at times do contain flavors which do provide a lot of pleasure but can eventually reduce the level of testosterone. Changing your diet can initiate a very result oriented progress towards a healthy lifestyle.

Thus a diet consisting of processed and packaged foods should be changed to accommodate other natural food types. Natural food types can be fruits and vegetable straight from the farm, brought in their natural state, meat and fish in their natural state without any negative add-ons.

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6. Stay active and have less stress:

yoga classes

Being a very unique hormone, testosterone requires a lot of care to be increased. While following all the above mentioned methods, it is very important that a person stays active. Staying active indicates carrying out your daily procedure, going for a morning jog and avoid lying around throughout the day. Besides staying active it is recommended to not eat out of boredom.

Make a plan and follow it. Many people have a habit of eating at anytime of the day out of boredom. This has many negative intakes and the massive intake can stop the growth of testosterone.

Lastly it is strictly advised to stop undue stress from getting over your mind during the process. Stress releases the hormone cortisol which can impede the production of testosterone in the body. Thus it is important and advised that one should greatly avoid stress.

Stress can be avoided through a variety of ways like making a work-life balance, going to yoga classes or through meditation. All of these stress releasing activities don’t take up a lot of time.

Following the activities will mean that the body will be dedicated towards producing more testosterone which can aid you in your quest for a healthy lifestyle!

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