Golo Diet- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

So you are overweight and Golo diet is your master plan to deal with the concern. But before you implement your strategy, you must ensure that it is actually accommodating and you are not barking up the wrong tree!

Golo diet plan for weight loss

Your desperate attempts to get in shape can make you go crazy.

From experimenting new diets to sweating hard in the gym, you may feel yourself compelled enough to pay any cost that promises a leaner body.

This eagerness and willingness for a slimmer physique is the sheer reason why weight loss industry is flourishing so well.

A diet plan by the name Golo diet is one ‘prominent’ name in this much crowded industry.

Like any other diet plan, Golo diet too, revolves around healthy shedding and managing of weight.

So how fulfilling and rewarding is Golo Diet, let us find out through an extensive guide on it!

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It boasts to be the ‘one final hit’ that can fix your weight loss dilemmas at once.

golo diet for menThis claim indicates that the diet pill is all you need to overcome the concern and there isn’t a need for anything else besides.

Honestly, this promise sounds more of a marketing strategy than the actual depiction of its effectiveness.

Precisely, the outcomes which are likely to generate through Golo diet:

  • Shrinking of waistline.
  • More energy and zest.
  • Refreshing mood.
  • Better control of appetite.
  • Optimization of insulin for the body to utilize glucose as energy rather storing as fat.


Golo diet is undeniably, quite popular and most searched. Something that adds value to it or makes it sound ‘high-yielding’ is the fact that it focuses more on insulin.


Basically, insulin is an imperative hormone that is heavily linked with weight loss.

golo diet weight loss chart

The hormone regulates the concentration of blood sugar by balancing the storing and conversion of glucose.

A hike in insulin level can make your body stock the unnecessary glucose as fat. It can further make you become resistant to insulin.

In simple words, any disturbance in the level of insulin can affect and hamper your weight loss to a greater extent.

As stated earlier, Golo diet stresses more on insulin optimization and aims to regulate the concentration of this vital hormone.

Furthermore, it is touted to prevent insulin resistance. If all this is true, then the plan can promote healthy shedding of weight and keep off the extra weight for long.


Golo is no ordinary diet programs with a set of do’s and don’ts’, it is an inclusive weight loss strategy based on proper guidance on diet, trainings paired with supplementation.

golo diet facts

Basically, the package encompasses:

Metabolic Fuel Matrix


It is a thorough guide on the workouts and meals for the next 30 days.



Release is about supplementation, the weight loss pills that accompany the plan.

Golo aims to balance all the three methods of weight loss, the approaches that can rightly slim down your waist, if go hand in hand.

Golo diet for womenIf we study the diet manual of the plan, we will get to know that it does not restrain the followers from taking carb.

It actually proposes a strategy that is meant to assist them through their meals.

Coming onto the workouts suggested by Golo.com, these moves aim to supercharge your metabolic rate as an effort to pace the fat burning process.

The exercises further support the functioning of insulin.

Then we have the supplement to compliment the dieting and training efforts.

According to the Golo, the supplement possesses no kind of harm for the health as it is entirely natural and based on some tried and tested agents.


While we expanded our research on the ‘release’, the supplementation element of Golo, we came to know that the pills boast some of the following ingredients:

ZincZinc manages the release of fat and controls hunger by signaling the brain about your stomach being full. You will further notice that Golo has supported foods that are a good source of zinc.
MagnesiumOn top of all the benefits magnesium is linked with, the mineral has been found to aid in the smooth functioning of metabolism.
Banaba leaf extract.According to some studies, the herb is a great aid in regulating diabetes and other problems with similar nature.
Inositol.The liver-friendly compound enables liver detoxification for smooth and healthy performance.
Barberry Bark Extract.

It plays a role in preventing insulin resistance.

Rhodiola Root Extract.

The agent supports the annihilation of abdominal fats. It further surges energy.


Golo is claimed to be a hard work of 7 years, which surely adds to its worth.

Golo complete weight loss plan

And of course, considering the quality elements used in the supplement further indicates its tendency to turn productive.

Yet, there is no explicit research on the program or findings that can favor Golo on the grounds of weight control and weight management.

The inventors of Golo have always being reluctant in sharing the studies that have been done on the program.

This clearly proves that all’s not well here and the legitimacy of Golo is vague.

Golo diet chartIndeed, customers owe every bit of information regarding the products and brands they spend on and the absence of research clearly makes Golo and its effectiveness dubious.

Other than the unavailability of research, another disturbing factor about Golo is that the dosages of the substances used in the supplement have been kept under the wraps.

Even though, the manufacturers have been transparent about the agents that make ‘release’ and there are individual researches supporting their role in weight loss, yet, the accurate amounts of these ingredients have never been revealed.

This leads us to the conclusion that the supplement does not really work the way it is said to perform.

How does it regulates insulin is one major question that still needs an unambiguous answer!

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If the experts have to be believed, there is nothing we can do to improve the performance of insulin.

Golo diet weight loss graph chart

They further deem that we can take efforts to enhance insulin sensitivity, yet, there is no way we can affect an internal function like the functioning of insulin in any way.

Keeping this in mind, lets assume that even if Golo manages to come up to the expectations, that is, it delivers what it promised, than what could be actual mechanism behind the plan?


There is a clear possibility that the program can create the much desired change through its diet guide that encourages you to control your portions and prefer healthy choices.

Evaluating all the elements in Golo will lead us to the conclusion that the diet part is the only part that can turn favorable for the followers in the quest of losing weight.

Of course, when you switch to healthy eating and adhere to wholesome diet for long, your body remains in a healthy and fit state for long.

How golo diet worksBut on the basis of some factors like Golo promotes natural foods and does not restrict any kind of food group, we can say that it is far different and healthier from other weight loss plans in the market.


What complications can the everyday meals cause?

Of course, nothing! Yet, nothing can be said about the diet pills, despite the fact that the elements that make release are natural and safe.

But on a whole, we can expect the pills to be risk-free as the supplement is stated to pass the quality checks and testing.

Even if anything goes against, the situation will be manageable and reversible.


There are some ingredients in the pills that can cause slight disturbance for you.

For example, extra dosage of zinc can cause gastrointestinal problems. In such a case, you must avoid overdosing and follow the suggested patterns accurately.

Another problem creating element in the pills is Gardenia. The usage of gardenia through ingestion is said to trigger diarrhea.


Golo has a very positive ‘image’ in the market with a majority of contented followers.

Golo Diet before and after weight loss

The participants have openly expressed their liking and experience with Golo on several platforms and have articulated how well it helped them shed 1-2lbs a week.

It is important to note that the rate at which the plan helped the followers shed weight on an average is equivalent to what is expected from a healthy diet.

Hence, whether or not the magic has been created by Golo, or the diet pill remains a mystery!


There are many questions we have in mind against golo and its mechanism, questions that are awaiting logical and rational answers.

But in the end, one thing is confirmed that Golo isn’t a fad for the food and pills it supports are natural and somewhat safe!

So yeah, Golo is worth trying, as far as you can ‘digest’ healthy eating for long!