Jimmy Kimmel Weight Loss: Effects & Results Revealed [2020]

So, how Jimmy Kimmel lose weight and what is his approach to stay fit, let’s find out!

Jimmy Kimmel - American television host

I just don’t agree with the idea that weight loss is complex than weight management.

No wonder, it takes tons of courage to alter your lifestyle upside down, but weight management revolves around never-ending consistency, patience and tolerance.

However, what if one can handle weight smartly? You think its impossible?

Well, ever heard about Jimmy Kimmel weight loss and weight management strategies?

The 50 years old comedian who lost weight years ago looks hot and happening till today.

Jimmy, who literally stunned the world by getting lighter and lighter, has no mood to add any extra pound in his 6 feet frame.

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Well, when weight loss and weight control are taken with positivity, one tends to find a way that can make them more fun and simple.


Jimmy was slim when he was a young boy. But by reaching the age of thirty, his weight started to increase.

Even though, he was least concerned about his big frame and was living a very carefree life, a point came when Jimmy was made to give a serious though to his health.

Jimmy appeared on the Dr. Oz show a couple of years back. Dr. Oz, who is better known as a fitness motivator, warned him against his growing weight.

This, thankfully, was a turning point for Kimmel who then took immediate and serious action for the betterment of his health and rolled back the clock to the time he was slim and fit!


Jimmy was fond of eating and was not interested in exercises – the two conditions that are totally unfavorable for someone who is overweight.

Jimmy Kimmel weight loss before and after

However, Jimmy needed to make necessary adjustments as he wanted to slim up naturally.

Jimmy Kimmel Diet

He started with a plan that revolved around the intake of two protein shakes and a portion control dinner each day.

The comedian followed the plan for two months until switching on to a different plan that allowed him to take 2000 calories each day.

After experiencing and trying different diet programs, Kimmel followed 5:2 diet which gave him the results he desired.

In fact, the program suited him to an extent that he follows it till date.

5:2 diet, popularly known as the Fast Diet, is a program, that enables the dieters to enjoy their routine foods for 5 days a week while literally starve themselves on the other two.

It is interesting to note that on the other two days, dieters cannot increase their caloric intake from 500 calories and should consume foods that can help them meet the limitations.

The co-host of The Man Show revealed that during his two ‘starvation’ days, he used to be very short-tempered whereas on the other five, he would just eat and eat.

It is interesting to know that despite 5:2 sounds fun and simple, it is quite the contrary.

It is a technique that simply puzzles your body as to what you will be doing with it today. While most of us feel excited for the 5 normal days we are free to indulge, starving yourself for two days a week is not what you call simple.

Hence, the diet plan was quite challenging, yet, Jimmy got used to it and finally reduced his bulging waistline within months.

No wonder, his weight management secret too, is 5:2 diet, which has helped him stick to 82kgs which is quite a healthy figure, considering his age and height!

Jimmy Kimmel workouts

As stated earlier, Jimmy is not a gym freak and is not even near to the ‘liking’ to workout.

For him, exercising is no fun and he just cannot commit to it. In spite of this, he uses a treadmill sometimes, but then again, not regularly.

Kimmel has a belief that exercising is not the ‘actual’ solution for people with a heavy body, and is only good for the ones who like to do it.

As per him, what counts is what you feed and how you treat your body. Well, it somewhat makes sense to me!


jimmy kimmel weight loss resultsWell, surviving and reserving your spot in the industry is just not simple as most of us think.

Celebrities undergo a constant pressure to look their best, all the time.

Sadly, Jimmy too has expressed his distress over the enforcement, many a times.

But thankfully, he has learnt to deal with it, smartly!

Jimmy, the dashing comedian looks fit and healthy in his fifties; do you still have an excuse for being overweight?

Check out Jimmy kimmel before and after photos and connect to him through his Twitter and Instagram account!