5-Factor Diet- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

5-factor diet is a very simple diet with simple rules and regulations. A diet like this does not require much of your efforts and tine, and you can follow it with ease.

It is not like any ordinary diet plan with a set of instructions and do’s and don’ts, it is in fact, a lifestyle plan that promotes balanced eating for healthy living.

5 Factor Diet ReviewAs the name hints, every element included in the diet plan is connected to the digit 5.

For example:

  • Dieters will be having 5 meals a day.
  • Every meal will get ready in 5 minutes and require 5 ingredients for preparation.
  • They can indulge themselves 5 days, in a period of 5 weeks.
  • Dieters need to workout 5 days a week. The breakup of workout is 5 parts and each will take 5 minutes to be performed.

According to the planners of the diet, if you manage to follow it accurately, that is, take your planned meals five times/ day, you will notice many positive changes in your health, apart from the weight loss of course.

Precisely, the pattern is claimed to regularize blood sugar, enhance mood and keep you energized all round the clock.

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Every five meals dieters are supposed to take every day should comprise of five elements:

Good fats

Take good fats through tuna, peanut, olive oil and salmon.


Complex carbs

The best food sources of complex carbs are veggies, beans, oatmeal.



Foods that are most recommended for protein are egg, poultry, red meat and fish.



Fiber can be taken in the form of wild rice, vegetables, beans and fruits.


Unsweetened drinks.

It allows tea, coffee, soda and energy drink, all without sugar.

5 factor diet meal plan


As mentioned earlier, it allows you to treat yourself with all that your taste buds desire, and luckily, this freedom is for every single day in a week.

Interestingly, the diet has not talked about alcohol in any way, but we believe that the dieters can enjoy it on the cheat days, if they want.

For the rest of the days, you need to be very meticulous with the instructions of 5-factor diet.

That is, you have to ensure that you take all the five recommended food groups in all the five meals.


While most of the diets leave you feel deprived from food, 5-factor diet falls into a different category.

Specially, if we talk about the meals in particular, you will not be spending hours or going out of the way to arrange the ingredients.

Simply put, if you have plans to embark 5-factor diet, just get all the essential ingredients that fall into the category of 5 listed groups, beforehand.

This will make the journey more convenient for you.


The plan pays equal attention on exercises. It suggests a workout plan that comprises of 5 segments in total.

It is important to note that the entire workout demands 25 minutes of your time and should be conducted for 5 days/week.


The good news for all those interested in 5-factor diet is that it is free of cost. Nothing needs to be spent in the name of diet fees.

All you will be bearing is the cost of grocery you will need to prepare your meals.

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Nothing can be said in the light of research and investigation, as there are not much of them to refer.

5 Factor diet results

But if we consider the entire diet on the basis of nutrition principles, we will say that it is a fair strategy, a plan that implies the rule of healthy eating to generate slimming effects.

Obviously, if we cut down on things like fancy foods, carbs, drinks that merely supply calories to our body, the needle will budge.

Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you manage to lose it with 5-factor diet.

But one discouraging fact about the diet plan is that it does not stress upon calorie counting. It neither talks about the caloric need of every dieter.

However, it encourages workouts that encompass aerobic and strength training exercises.

If we investigate the effects of aerobic and strength training exercises on body, we will get to know how essential and contributing these are for weight loss.


5 factor fitness dietConsidering the entire diet strategy, in combination with the suggested workout.

We believe 5-factor diet can help you in many ways in addition with weight loss.

The diet provides easy to follow recipes that barely takes time and includes common household items for preparation.

Besides, there is a vast variety of foods for the dieters to keep themselves hooked.

And of course, you have a free day, every week, to treat yourself with all the foods that drive you crazy!

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