Myfitnesspal Review: What To Expect? SHOCKING Results Inside! [2020]

If finally, you have decided to lose weight, get a scale and set out your journey with MyFitnessPal.

Myfitnesspal diet program

This is a great website that is also available on Google Play Store and you can easily avail it on your hand set. However, it is not a magical potent, it just as a reality checker that lets you realize a number of calories you actually happen to intake rather you assume you put in your mouth.

Most of the people who use MyFitnesspal without any cheat can easily experience in first 2-3 weeks as you may need time to understand its working but sometimes, it is understood with 2-3 days and then all things are set to be in the right direction but remember no cheating..!

First of all, losing weight is not difficult at all, you just need to be persistent and your journey will get a lot easier.

If you are willing to support yourself with a supplement, it is totally your choice but it is not necessary at all, it leads us to confess that if you just happen to keep the right record of your food and follow the instructions, you are all set to lose weight, all naturally without adding any supplementation in your daily life.

How keeping a record of your calorie intake and exercise can help?

You may happen to know that when you take more calories than that you burn; your body is bound to gain weight.

For all the people who are willing to lose weight or maintain their current weight, it is highly essential to find the right balance between the calorie intake or calorie burn. So you can focus on your short period or long period weight loss goals.

Obesity is quite a common thing these days and alone in The United States; every 6 out of 9 people are the victim of obesity.

One needs to take every possible measure to get rid of this extra weight whether you start taking small portions in your meal, try to change your meals (substitute food items that are much healthy), or increase the physical activity that can eventually lead to burn fat and weight loss.

It is up to you what you want to opt but doing something is better than doing nothing at all..!

How to use MyFitnessPal?

For using MyFitnessPal, you need to create an account or you can link this new account with your already existed Facebook account, in both the cases you will be asked to provide an email id and the user name.

Once you have signed in, you will be asked to enter your current weight, age and the targeted weight that you are willing to achieve.

There are 3 things that this program can be helpful for

  1. Losing weight
  2. Gaining weight
  3. Maintaining weight

All three options will vary in terms of suggested calorie intake, so choose the 1st option as you are willing to lose weight.

Your Go-To Guide for MyFitnessPalIf you are willing to decide the exercise, it is up to you but initially, it is not needed just focus on the suggested calorie intake.

There will be a separate portion where you have the opportunity to add the food items that you take in the name of breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.

You can also add how much cups or liters of water you drink in a day but again, it is just for the record as it does not impact in the calories count of this program, so if it is a burden to enter water every time or every day, you may skip it and this program will still work for you.

Moreover, the best thing about this app/ website is you have seriously a large variety of food items that you can select from, normally most of the apps/ websites do not have such vast entries of food.

However, it is always suggestible to compare the calories of the same dishes within the app as well as on the Google then enter it or if you have mixed search results then go for the option that has the maximum numbers of calories for your chosen portion of food or food item.

Note: make it possible that you keep yourself within the suggestible calorie intake number, for example: if it is 1200 calories for you, then try to eat calories in between 1000 to 1200.

Do not do overeating very often or at least do not enter a wrong amount of portion or calories, in this way, you will not be able to achieve the weekly or monthly goal (by the way, you can set the number of days or when you are willing to stand on the weighing scale, weekly or monthly, to keep yourself on the right track)

Why is this Program effective?

Myfitnesspal calorie counter app for android and apple IOS

1. Pay attention what you are putting in your mouth:

When you start using MyFitnessPal, you start paying more heed what you are eating and is this right amount that you are taking? The questions like these keep popping up in your mind. You get self-aware and it is something simply amazing as to remind yourself again and that you should eat this or this, your mind will be more conscious.

Moreover, your brain realizes that you will add this food entry later in the program “dairy” column, so feel encouraged to eat less and better. Literally, you do not need to skip your favorite food entirely but on the regular basis you may sacrifice your favorite pizza or cheeseburger or go for something that is healthy yet yummy (and trust us this is totally a myth that low-calorie food or something that is healthy is totally boring or tasteless)

2. The motivation for exercise:

At first, when you start losing weight, you will be totally okay but once you begin to see the results, you just get so charged up that you want to keep seeing those pounds shedding. Unfortunately, you get stuck to a point where you will see less shedding of pounds or maybe no weight loss at all.

Do not get disheartened because this is the time you should engage exercise in your regimen, do not go for very tough one just initially, and start with a 10-minute walk with your right calorie intake.

However, when you burn calories through any form of exercise and you enter it, you will see the calories that you burn will reappear in the section of calories that you are allowed to consume (on the top of the screen in the app) but do not consume all of them once again. You can eat a few extra calories on your exercise day but make it sure; it is lower than the number of calories that you have burned otherwise what is the good of all that hard work?

3. Easy on pocket:

My Fitness Pal does not cost you at all unless you are purchasing the premium program mode. (Frankly speaking, free version is already enough to help you, so you practically do not need the upgrade version)

Hence, it is economical and you just need a weighing scale or a good measuring tape to keep the record of your performance on the weight loss journey. checkout Myfitnesspal official website ( for more information.

4. A great database:

The database of MyFitnessPal is incredible, it literally contains a high range of food items, then there are articles and blogs that will keep you motivated and the people are so encouraging there.

However, if you want to keep your account discreet, you can but engaging your friends, family or some individuals who can keep appreciating you on your small achievements, like even completing the daily entry or doing a session of exercise, the entry will appear on your app or account wall just like Facebook and it is totally a beautiful experience to have.

5. Stop Cravings:

MyFitnessPal does not instruct you what to eat but just like your inner conscience, it will tell you how much calories you are about to add in your body or you have already eaten.

This control and awareness is a perfect blend because, after a few times, you will intentionally, opt for the right amount of food and the best part is that will be totally your decision, no one is pressuring you and your mind start understanding because most of the food cravings are self-generated as we try to restrict ourselves and it is in human nature that whenever something is forbidden, we, humans must try to do that thing.

6. The increase in the knowledge:

MyFitnessPal in a very subtle manner increases your knowledge about your food intakes and what is in them. Macro nutrients or Micro nutrients, you just get awareness and you will end up having some very genuine information about the insight of the foods.

Final Verdict:

There are too many websites and apps are available that claim to be helpful but in reality just to beat their competitors, they often take unethical measures such as entering wrong calorie numbers or burning maximum calorie numbers to show the results that can be desirable for the users.

how to lose weight with myfitnesspal program

However, in reality these things are not correct but the things with MyFitnessPal are totally another way around because this program never practices anything that is unethical plus it genuinely is responsible for changing the lives of millions.

So, what you are waiting for? Set out to be a new version of yourself..!

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