Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: Ultimate Secrets + Incredible Results! [2020]

Rebel Wilson embarked her weight loss and fast forwarding a year, the Pitch Perfect star has amazed everyone by losing almost 15kgs of her weight.

fat amy rebel wilson

Best known for her role as ‘Fat Amy’ in Pitch Perfect, Rebel has been spotted in a slimming body that has truly amazed her fans.

The 36 year Australian star was first seen with her transformed body in a wedding of her co-stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin.

She looked confident in her pink dress clinched on the waist line, accentuating her curves.

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How did this journey start for Rebel?

Rebel has explained her weight loss journey to her fans on Instagram. Last year in May, she posted a picture after completing a 4 day challenging hike.

Pitch perfect 3 from august 2017The picture was with a caption depicting how amazed she was to complete this hike that seemed impossible to her initially.

She believed it to be challenging but rewarding at the same time. And to her surprise, she has lost almost 8 pounds by the end.

She gave the entire credit to the staff and masseuses that made this hiking trip achievable.

That was the point she started to believe in herself!

Where is the tag ‘Fat Amy’ now?

Rebel has amazed everyone from her transformation and it is believed that her character will be renamed in the third Pitch Perfect film, as ‘Fat Amy’ no longer seems to go with her appearance.

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The Aussie star has flaunted her slimmed silhouette in a latest shoot of Vogue Australia.

In her recent picture with Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaid, she amazed her fans in a fitted red sequin dress. And the pictures of her slimming body seem never ending!

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What motivates her to get the dream size?

Rebel believed that it all started on the challenging hike that made her shed 8 pounds within 4 days only. There she believed that nothing in this world is un-achievable.

Rebel Wilson weight loss motivationHer weight loss journey is highly dependent on her self-confidence and determination. She started to love herself and her body first, and then decided to let the change happen.

She still believes her journey is in the initial phase and yet has too many milestones to achieve.

Sometimes, the simplest thing in your life can make you ponder upon some complex issues of your life and this is what happened with Rebel.

Rebel wants to set an example for her fans:

Rebel, since the beginning of her journey posted her pictures that displayed her hard work and determination.

She wanted her fans to believe that success doesn’t occur overnight but requires lot of hard work and consistency.

She doesn’t believe on unhealthy mediums of weight loss and discourage her fans to do so.

Weight loss is a gradual journey that tests your patience and demands lot of courage. But in the end, each and every effort is worth it.


Diet Plan, losing extra pounds and a healthy lifestyle:

Rebel has never been reluctant in sharing her diet plan with her fans to encourage them.

Rebel Wilson Diet

She believed in consuming a balanced diet which is protein-enriched and is low in carbs. She picked a healthy lifestyle in which she eats healthy meals and follows a routine.

Regular workout sessions along with a healthy diet started to give outcomes and the Aussie star now feels free to flaunt her slimmed-down body everywhere.

No doubt, every image of Rebel depicts a tale of courage and hard work she has went through.

Where does she see herself in future?

Rebel Wilson Photos in 2017Rebel looks skinnier than ever in her latest pictures.

When asked about her journey of weight management, she always responds positively.

She felt that she still has a long way to go but once again, it will happen gradually.

She believed in herself and started to shed extra pounds and is confident to do so in future.

She wants ‘Fat Amy’ tag to be removed from her image, as she no longer sees herself as a person she used to be.

She is content with whatever she has achieved and has various plans for future.

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Rebel’s story of weight loss at a glance:

Rebel’s journey of weight management has encouraged her fans to believe in themselves. It explains that self-confidence and positivity can go a long way for any person.

Rebel Wilson weight loss before and after 2017

She first started to love herself after shedding negative thoughts out of her mind. The rest of the journey became easy for her.

She is willing to continue this routine and get down a slimmer body. But this might take time, as she doesn’t believe in hasty procedures and crash diets.

Rebel continues to amaze her fans in her recent photographs flaunting in fitted dresses. She is still mesmerizing us with her new look!