How Much Should You Walk to Lose Weight?

Ever heard about walking is the most safe and effective exercise?

Well, it is true, a lot of people are fond of walking because it’s the best way to reach to weight loss goal.

walking for fast weight loss results

It is a beneficial gesture to strengthen the joints and make them relaxed in a certain way.

A brisk walk is very much essential for a healthier body, especially after when you eat food it helps in the digestion process.

Walking have particular sets of time, which you have to follow to achieve a proper weight loss. The factors which affect these sets are simpler than you think.

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How can walking help you lose weight?

Walking regularly forces your body to utilize the stored fats as a form of energy. A Brisk walk can help you cut 150-300 calories in just 30 minutes. (see study here)

Girl walking for fast weight lossThe first 30 minutes of energy are brought to you by the burning of stored sugar.

Your main aim is to burn down the stored fat from the fat tissues which occur after 30 minutes of walk.

This way your endurance level is also enhanced and you burn the maximum amount of calories overall.

That’s why you must walk, at least for 30 minutes in order to improve your body metabolism.

Walking should be punctual

Not everyone is fond of walking, those people who take a start on walking usually find it hard, but you gotta do what you gotta do for weight loss.

You can start by walking 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes then eventually increase the days and time duration as you will.

For a successful weight loss, you must walk regularly without any hindrance.

Some people quit after feeling joint pain, but this is not an alarming sign, it is a sign that your joints are working again.

How much should you walk every day?

Normally a person exerts a pace of walking about 4 miles per hour.

do 30 minutes of walk

However it varies from person to person, a healthier being can walk 4 miles in 45-60 minutes and it’s the best range you can hit your weight gain issue as well.

Continuous walking can be difficult at times so you can divide your walking pattern into little segments.

Walking perpetually for 30 minutes can provide you a lot of benefits in term of fat burning.

It doesn’t mean you cannot cross to 4 miles, regular walking people sometimes reach to 6-7 miles in an hour which is quite impressive and healthier as well.

How many pounds can you drop by walking?

You cannot simply drop the bigger amount of weight, but it usually occurs in small chunks and requires hard work and dedication.

Walking Can Help You Lose Extra WeightFor example, if you want to drop about 20 pounds of weight, walking regularly can take one week to shred 1-2 pounds from your body.

Which gives us a conclusion of 10-15 weeks to lose 20 pounds of weight.

Burning 1-2 pounds a week requires you to burn 600-750 calories per day, which can only be done by walking 45- 60 minutes approximately.

Sometimes it is not about how much you are walking per day, but you got to reduce the number of calories in your meal as well to have the best results.

But losing 600 calories in one day isn’t that much easy, you need to have a set of particular routines.

By walking at an average pace one must walk for 90n minutes to burn 500 calories every day.

However, if you fasten up the speed the time will reduce but the result remains the same.

Fast calorie burn by walking

A rapid calorie breakdown is totally dependent on two important factors. Your body weight and the amount of calorie you want to burn.

burn calories and drop pound by walking daily

A normal individual weighs 160 pounds can burn 7 calories every minute which makes it 230-250 calorie per 30 minutes.

The routine must be made, initial levels are quite rough, but once you get used to it the process is not that much harder.

Keep walking and make it continuous for a whole week. In this way, you can burn about 1400-1500 calories every week, which is not bad at all.

Note that these set of activities doesn’t require any external application, but only requires your time to have a long and healthy walk.

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In approximately 20 weeks you will note remarkable changes in your body weight and overall physical appearance.

This tactic is very much effective for weight loss and it also provides tons of benefits to your body as well, including increasing the amount of oxygen in the lungs, improves your joint’s mobility and gives you a gradual increasing stamina.

A long term walk can be certainly beneficial which you should always continue.

Additional information to lose weight by walking

  • Generate a proper pace while you are taking a walk, if this doesn’t happen in the steep road then do try the treadmill.
  • The steep road is good for walking which has ups and down that challenges your body level of stamina. It burns comparatively more calories than normal walking.
  • The more you walk, the more it is better for your health. Do not skip a day, at least walk 6 days a week to achieve your weight loss goal.

There are still people who have dropped massive amounts of weight just by walking, this exercise requires a little bit of your time though but the results are undoubtedly the best.