Weight Loss Supplements That Simply Work

Internet is filled is what works and what does not work, but the inclination towards some certain products makes us doubt the genuineness of the information provided.

best weight loss pills that work

To help you create a better understanding about ‘what really works’, WatchOTC have gathered the essential information and bits you must know to hit your weight right!


Obdurate body fats can be ideally tackled through a fat burner. Fat burners can greatly contribute to weight loss by:

  • Pacing BMR: The agents turn on the hormones that support the removal of fats through burning.
  • Enhancing energy levels: As the basal metabolic rate is activated, fats tend to convert into energy. Higher level of energy keeps you active and up for your workouts and workouts means fat burning!
  • Fat burning: Fat burners support your body to exterminate fat and not sugar during the exercises.
  • Controlling hunger: Fat burning agents further help you to keep your hands off the excess foods by lowering your appetite.


While choosing a fat burner, you must always prefer brands that are offered by a reputable company/ manufacturers.

Secondly, always check for the ingredients and their dosages to know what exactly and in what quantity you will be supplying to your body.

The best kind of fat burner you can get your hands on is Phen375.

Other than its naturally-occurring ingredients, Phen375 boasts Caffeine that has been thoroughly investigated and confirmed to provoke fat burning in the body.


  • If you wish to make the most from a fat burner, take it right before High-intensity interval training. This increases the efficiency of the agent. But if binge eating is the cause of your weight gain, consider using it prior to your breakfast. It will help you control your unnecessary food urge and reduce your overall caloric intake of the day.
  • If we consider the broader perspective of using a fat burner like caffeine, we will get to know that our body has the tendency to become tolerant to it. The best we could do to prevent the condition is not using the agent on a regular note. It is important to take intervals in between, so that our body responds in accordance to it.In the case of Phen375 the manufacturers suggest a complete break of some weeks, soon after its three month course. This gives the body the needed rest, and makes it less likely to become used to of the ingredients.

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Protein is said to do all the good you wish for your body. Specially, if your target is weight-oriented, the significance of protein doubles.

Eating Just Salad & Protein for Fast Weight Loss

Supplementing your body with the needed-level of protein is like fueling your weight loss. No matter in what form you take, the dietary component contributes to speedy weight loss.

A research suggests that if your diet encompasses 30% of this imperative nutrient, you will:

  • Annihilate more fats: Taking the nutrient through your diet or supplement will help you reduce more calories a day- around 260 more. There are some fat loss studies suggesting that sufficient level of protein works equivalent to the effects of 60 minutes of exercise.
  • Burn more calories: The nutrient is found to play a role in the increase of BMR. It basically facilitates fat loss and ensures muscle protection, during the weight loss phase.
  • Eat less: Basically, Protein is studied to quash the appetite as it triggers several hunger controlling hormones namely GLP-1 and CCK. It is further revealed that it has a great role in hampering hormones that increase your urge to eat. A good example here is Ghrelin.
  • Lose more lbs: As per an experiment, incorporating sources that are rich in protein gears up the weight loss process. On top of that, it was proven that people who took a protein-based diet reduced 11 lbs in some 90 days, without following any other weight loss approach.


The dietary deficiency of protein can be sorted through the intake of protein bars and shakes.

You can also consider MRPs to give your body what it needs to get in shape. It is highly essential to use bars that are free from sugar or have limited content of sugar.

In the category, brands you can trust are:

  1. Combat Crunch Bars.
  2. Optimum Nutrition.



Glucomannan is specifically recommended for people who find quitting food as the most difficult thing on planet.

Glucomannan for weight loss

The supplement is based on a dietary fiber- glucomannan that has to be consumed prior to the meals.

The agent has a simple mechanism, to enter your gut and expand. This expanding covers a great room and you feel satisfied before having enough of your meal.

Precisely, the supplement is good enough to slash some 6 lbs in 60 days.

Necessary information:

But before you get onto the cycle, it is important for you to know that the pills may cause choking in the throat, due to its quick expanding nature.

It’s advisable to use glucomannan in the powder form, so that it can easily reach your gut, where it is supposed to go!


While we look for the agents that work in favor of weight loss, the two names we commonly come across are Green tea and caffeine.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Lot has been said, written and proven about these two substances. No doubt, a weight loss product that principally aims to burn your fat is incomplete without the either of the two.

A good quality fat burner containing Caffeine is PhenQ.

PhenQ has a competitive advantage over other related products- it’s a-lacys technology that guarantees superior fat burning and weight loss in weeks.

Important information:

Caffeine supports fat burning metabolism and upgrades energy levels to help you cope up with the physical stress in the gym.

On the other hand, green tea too, contributes to excessive fat burning- a total of 24% at the time of exercise.

Not to forget mentioning that the healthy drink also shares a role in increasing the BMR to 4%.


The substance has nothing to do with the basal metabolic rate, hunger control and enhancement of energy levels.

Diuretics for weight loss

All that a diuretic does is cutting the water weight, and that too, on a very speedy note. You’ll find many quality diuretics in the market, but the one you can trust is Xpel.

No doubt, it’s even more favorable if you consider diuretic foods, in place of the supplementation way.

Before you start with a diuretic, you need to take some efforts to ensure you enjoy maximum results from the substance.

For example, increase your water intake and reduce salt content in your overall diet. Through this, you can stop further gaining and let the agent remove what has been already added.

Necessary information:

Diuretic, either it is an over-the-counter or prescribed, should not be taken for more than a week. Extended use of the agent may trigger a series of complications like cramping and dehydration.

Besides, if you do not follow the said advises regarding the intake of water and salt content, do not expect your Diuretic to cause a major change for you.

Lastly, it is quite common to gain back the water weight, after discontinuing the agent. If you long for the long term effects, create the necessary amendments in your diet.


Fats have beta-2 and alpha-2 receptors. Biologically, beta-2 receptors aid in the exterminating of fat whereas on the very contrary, alpha-2 receptors hamper this very process.

yohimbe for weight loss

Interestingly, the fats encompassing our thighs, abdomen and buttocks boast alpha-2 receptors, far more than the other.

This is the reason why we find difficulty in firming up these areas. However, the problem can be sorted through an alpha-2 blocker. A good example here is Yohimbine HCL.

No doubt, you can easily smash the mulish fats, if you manage to follow its course with a healthy diet and workout.

Necessary information:

The best time to use the supplement is 1 hour, before the workout.

It is important to note that the dosages have to be taken in an empty stomach as excessive insulin can hamper the functioning of Yohimbine HCL.

Secondly, and very importantly, the supplement is not meant for people who are excessively overweight or obese.

It is basically tailored for those who are targeting the most unresponsive fatty areas of their body like abdomen and hips.


Not all fats fall under the category of harmful fats! There are fats that are highly necessary for the cutting of fat, itself.

eat fat to burn fat

The imperative fats we are referring here are Medium-chain triglyceride, CLA and Omega-3.

Interestingly, there are some studies suggesting that those who take healthy amount of Omega-3 fats have healthy weight than those who do not.

On top of that, CLA and Medium-chain triglyceride too, have a great contribution in fat loss and hence, equally important for a slimmer waist.

Necessary information:

There isn’t a need to increase the healthy fat intake through dietary supplement, the best you could do is incorporate foods that are rich in the said fats, into your meals.


It may be hard to imagine how some simple foods; some common kitchen items can give us the edge to lose weight. The example fits well with curcumin and garlic.

Curcumin and garlic for weight loss

According to the studies, curcumin, that is generally known as the turmeric powder and aged garlic Extract can give the process of weight loss, a much needed push.

Basically, the agents can push our body to make more and more brown fat that is highly essential for the rise in metabolic set point.

Necessary information:

The vital fat was once assumed to be produced by babies. But lately, it was discovered that the elders too, can make it to some point and benefit from it in certain ways.

Apart from curcumin and garlic, exercises can also be a great aid in the increase of brown sugar in the body.

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Now comes the list of 10 weight loss supplements that will fail to impress you, or say, are least likely to fulfill their claims.

top weight loss supplements that don't work


Weight loss that is generated through the removal of colon toxins sounds a healthy slimming method.

Though, colon cleansers are truly a scam and above that, quite dangerous!


No studies suggest- or say, authentic studies suggest that raspberry ketone has a part in weight loss.

Though, there was a study that ended with a positive finding, however, the substance was then tested with other weight loss agents and not independently.

Till date, its self-proclaimed effects are not supported by any genuine research specifically conducted on humans.


green coffee bean extracts for weight loss

Of late, a very convincing study on Green coffee bean extract emerged and supported the idea that it has a great role in weight loss.

The study purported that the extract can do the good, without needing any of your efforts in terms of dietary changes and exercises.

Though, it boosted the demand of Green coffee bean extract to a greater extent, but was later revealed to be financed by the profit bearing company itself.


Animal trials have revealed positive effects of Garcinia Cambogia on weight loss, however, our body is ultimately different and we cannot rely on animal trials, particularly when the results of human trials are unconvincing.

5. ALLI:

Alli can give you your desired results; however, do not expect the results to be safe!


Body wraps too, have very disappointing results!  Totally money wasters!

7. HCG:

Similarly, HCG does not affect our appetite, fat burning or thermogenesis in anyway. This has been stated and confirmed by the FDA.


hoodia gordonii for weight loss

Hoodia is heavily boasted to be a hunger controlling formula.  However, these claims are not even closer to the reality, as proven by a small-scale experiment.

According to the findings, none of the participants shed weight as it was expected from the hunger suppression.


No doubt, the natural plant possesses caffeine- a through and through tested and proven agent, however, the content is insufficient for triggering the desired weight loss effect.

Yes, it can turn out to be a great aid ONLY if you merge it and use it in comparison with a fat burner, preferably caffeine.


The only word that clicks in my mind when I hear the word laxatives is- perilous!

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Well, weight loss supplements are only there to simplify your complexities to some level.

Of course, they are not the saviors, but do have an essential role. You cannot expect that ‘magical’ transformation unless you are willing to play your role.

That is, make the necessary dietary changes and exercise.

So, either you use a supplement or lose it the conventional way- simply eat well and live well!

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